Heat Trace

Our team can design and spec the proper electric heat trace required for your installation.  Whether installing for freeze protection or maintaining a desired temperature in your process lines, we are committed to keeping your lines flowing.



With ICS, you don’t have to worry about whether your electrical heat trace is installed correctly or not.  Our electricians are trained to correctly install the proper heat trace & components, and they know how to properly wrap valves, flanges, mounting brackets and other items within your piping system.

Tank tracing can also be accomplished with the installation of tracing or blankets on your vessel.

ICS also has the experience and technical knowledge to design, specify, install, program, and test electrical heat trace control and monitoring systems as well.  Simplistic heat trace installations are not monitored, and they rely on a simple thermostat to energize the heat trace.  This is ok until the time comes when a breaker trips or the thermostat fails to energize and the lines freeze and bust.  We can help avoid the costly repairs of frozen pipes, which will involve stripping off the old insulation, removing the heat trace, replacing or repairing the split piping, re-installing the electric trace, and installing new insulation.  This is bound to happen eventually to non-monitored systems so let ICS help you avoid this costly issue by installing a heat trace control system.  It will provide alarm notifications in the event of a tripped breaker, failed trace, or failure to energize.  It will be money well spent in the long run.