Design Build Services

ICS has partnerships with a network of suppliers, manufacturers, and contractors who work with our competent staff for the proper development of your project.  We have the in-house ability to design, coordinate, and build your next electrical, automation, and instrumentation project which will include a complete AutoCAD drawing package.  We understand the needs of industrial clients which enhances our ability to provide a proper design.  We specify and install only high quality components for a robust system that will assure you stay up and running.  While it is somewhat easy to simply design a system to do what you need, it is not as easy to design a robust system that will give your facility years of trouble-free service while saving costs in the long run.  We will also provide a maintenance friendly expandable system for your future needs as well.  This includes examining the existing installation, making recommendations, offering alternatives, and giving our customers the opportunity to tailor a system that best suits their needs.

Design & Build