Process Control

A deep understanding of your process control scheme comes from the exposure to all types of equipment and systems installed in the industrial environment today.  ICS understands the importance of a properly functioning system, and the effect it has on production efficiency.  Systems such as reactors, distilling, blending, batching, product storage, packaging, and material handling are just a few of the systems that ICS is experienced with.  We understand the effect that an improperly wired device will have on a system, and this pushes us to crosscheck our installation for errors before it is turned over to our customers.  This understanding also enables us to identify other areas that may not be functioning well in the process.   Our employees are encouraged to identify any areas of concern, whether it is an improper installation or a device failure, and to alert someone about the issue before it becomes a more serious problem.

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Another area that ICS can help is an upgrade of your existing PLC or DCS system with the latest technology.  With the proper planning and pre-work that ICS provides, the transfer of your old outdated control system to the latest technology can happen quickly so that your process will be back on line as soon as possible.  This will save your company money in the long run as parts for outdated systems are scarce and the pricing is often many times the cost of a new system.  Please contact us for your next project.

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