Power Quality & Energy Efficiency

Power Quality Monitoring

Let ICS help with your power quality issues.  Variable frequency drives, equipment startup surges, or electrical noise on your power distribution system can create difficult to find electrical problems.  Noise that is created on your supply lines from the addition of VFD’s and electronic equipment throughout your facility can be extensive and can create nuisance interruptions for your production equipment.  ICS can monitor your power system over extended timeframes and will analyze the data to identify areas where trouble could occur.  Our equipment can detect issues that you may not be aware of, prior to them becoming a problem.  Power quality problems can lead to nuisances that your staff may have to spend countless hours on trying to identify.

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Please contact us to schedule a power system analysis.   


Power Factor Correction

Is your utility company charging your facility for having too low of a power factor?  ICS can help.  We can design and install the proper power factor correction system that will bring your facility’s power factor back up and within limits so you can avoid the unnecessary utility fees.

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Lighting Upgrades

Bring your plant up to date with the latest technology in lighting.  This will not only reduce your operating cost but it will also help our environment at the same time.  ICS can design a new lighting system that will best fit your needs while handling all of documentation required for the utility company incentives and financing if needed.  Lighting is one of the easiest energy efficient upgrades that you can make, and it typically has the quickest payback.  If you decide to finance the project, the energy savings alone will pay for the cost of the project and you will be left with a new energy efficient lighting system that will provide better lighting and cost savings for years to come.

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