Control Panels

We have a top-notch, in-house, design and assembly team that can design, specify, and furnish custom control panels that will be tailored to your needs.  We pride ourselves in furnishing properly functioning and fully tested control panels when they hit your site.  You can rest easy knowing that you are getting a professionally designed and assembled control panel since ICS is a UL 508A Listed Industrial Control Panel assembly shop.  Your UL listed control panel will come with a complete AutoCAD drawing package that will detail everything your installer will need, including the size of the electrical feeder and all field wiring connections.  Fuse sizes will be labeled next to each fuse holder to eliminate the guesswork involved in determining what was supposed to be there at the time of manufacturing, and ambient conditions are taken into consideration during the design phase.  Any revisions encountered during the manufacturing phase will be updated into the final drawing package, which will be included in the control panel before it ships from our shop.  Our design and assembly team is full-function.  We can design and install whatever your project requires, such as PLC control, networking equipment, VFD’s, and any necessary environmental conditioning equipment.

Please look to ICS for all of your control panel needs!   

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