Scheduled Outage Support

DCF 1.0

Assistance with maintenance support for your outage has never been easier.  ICS can provide the skills and equipment necessary to handle all of your scheduled electrical, instrumentation, and automation maintenance needs.  We have the necessary tools and equipment available, including test equipment, calibrators, generators, and temporary lighting.  We can work around the clock to complete your maintenance needs on time, and on budget.5.4 pic1

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For complex outages, we can assist with the scheduling, planning, and isolation of the equipment.  ICS has performed many large, fast-paced, highly detailed outages with great success, such as replacing entire control systems within a plant.  If it is critical to you, it is important to us.  Our ability to identify and resolve issues that arise during an outage is what will keep the outage on schedule, and the duration to a minimum.


For control system modifications, we have the in-house skills necessary to perform turn-key I/O verification, and full function testing of your system.  This service will ensure that the controls are complete and functional, which in turn will prevent any costly startup issues or schedule delays.