Power Distribution

ICS is well versed in the installation of low and medium voltage power distribution feeders and equipment.  We can provide a complete power distribution system, from the utility, substation, and service equipment, all the way down to the smallest load center.
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ICS can install any size and type of electrical feeder that is required to serve your facility or equipment.  We properly install duct banks, conduit feeders, cable bus, bus duct, cable tray, or aerial distribution systems throughout your facility.  We routinely size and install feeders ranging from 15KV down to the smallest DC supplied equipment.

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Let ICS perform the repair or relocation of your medium voltage cable system.  Our employees have installed thousands of stress cone terminations, and splices on all types of medium voltage conductors without failure.

Allow ICS to perform routine preventative maintenance on your substation and distribution equipment.  Trending of your equipment should happen upon installation so a baseline can be set for comparing the future health analysis of your distribution system.  Evaluations and inspections of your equipment can be performed, regardless of the age, and they will alert you of any issues that may cause a failure.  Preventative maintenance of the equipment can be performed during scheduled outages, and will limit your risk of unexpected downtime due to a catastrophic failure.  This will keep production running, and will help your facility stay on schedule.  These maintenance items are explained in greater detail on the Scheduled Outage Support, Infrared Inspection, and the Cable Testing pages

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