Project Services

Instrument Specification

Instrumentation has to cover a wide range of applications and process conditions.  ICS will work with you to find the instrument that best fits your needs.  We want to provide you with a reliable long term solution.  We can create instrument specification data sheets for the most cost effective solution for your application. 8.2 pic1

Pre-Installation Instrumentation Green Tagging

Before your project reaches the critical phase of installation, let ICS verify that your instruments are calibrated, match the project specifications, and are ready for installation.  On any new project, the last thing anyone wants is for last minute problems to develop, especially with long-lead time items such as instruments and valves.  These issues can be discovered and corrected prior to the installation phase, such as the process connection size not matching, the materials not being correct, or a dead-on-arrival instrument that needs to be replaced, all which will cause startup delays.

Loop Checks and Functional Checkout

8.2 pic2

After installation, let ICS help with checkout and startup.  After we verify that all of the I/O is properly wired, we can also perform a full function check of the instruments so that once your process goes live you will have the control and indication designed.  Whether you have new instrumentation, existing instrumentation, or a mixture of both on your project, it is a good idea to perform functional checks.  ICS can test each instrument to verify that it is installed, calibrated and working properly.