Electrical Services

Our electrical installation staff at ICS is highly capable of tackling any issues that may arise during a project.  Our workforce is familiar with industrial facilities and is in tune with our customer’s needs.  We strive to have competent people in leadership positions, and we actively encourage our employees to advance in all areas of the electrical installation field.  Our journeyman electricians have advanced skill sets over the majority of electricians in today’s market.  They know how to work safely and how to install complex electrical systems in your facility.  This is the aspect of our workforce that sets us apart from the majority of other electrical contractors in the region.

The information on the following pages will summarize the electrical services that we offer.  Click on the link to the left of each photo to see details about the service.

Power Distribution DCF 1.0 Power Cable Testing Power Cable Testing
Process Control 5.2 pic2b Infrared Inspections 5.7 pic1
Hazardous Locations 5.3 pic1 Communications 5.8 pic2
Scheduled Outage Support  5.4 pic3 Emergency Services van
Energy Efficiency 5.5 pic1 Electrical Heat Trace 7 pic1
Design Build Services Design & Build