Repair Services


Troubleshooting & Instrument Repair

Let ICS help with your instrument troubleshooting and repair needs.  We can determine if the problem is with your instrument or if the problem is somewhere else within your system.  We can troubleshoot and repair your problem from the PLC or DCS, down to the instrument level, and everything in between.  Whether you are short staffed or simply do not have the necessary skills on staff, ICS is available to assist you when needed.  

Valve Repair

ICS is your source for control valves and actuator rebuilds. We can tear down and repair your valve or actuator so your process can operate properly again. From plug and seat replacements, to proper bench set adjustments, we can solve your valve problems.

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We services all types of actuated control valves, from quarter-turn to globe style modulating valves.  We can repair valve bodies and actuators quickly and efficiently. 

Diaphragm Seal Refilling

Did someone mistakenly disassemble a filled diaphragm assembly, or did the diaphragm become damaged?  Most likely, there will not be a need to purchase a new instrument.  We can repair, refill, and test the existing sealed assembly to get your plant back on line.

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