Infrared Inspections

Electrical power systems can develop hidden issues that cannot be seen by the naked eye.  These issues can ultimately lead to an equipment failure, which may cause your operation to go down and cost your company unproductive labor and missed shipments.

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That is why ICS recommends annual infrared inspections of your electrical equipment.  These inspections will provide a wealth of information, and ICS can examine all of your electrical, mechanical, or production systems through an infrared spectrum.  This service is required by many insurance companies, and may also lower your rates.  They believe this is an inexpensive way to prevent electrical system failures which reduces their exposure to risk, along with insuring your assets and loss of production coverage.

ICS’s trained thermographers can also perform infrared troubleshooting services as issues develop.  Viewing items in infrared may identify issues that may not have been considered during the troubleshooting efforts, and could offer the proper solution to on-going problems.  If you would like for ICS to design a customized preventive maintenance plan for your facility, please let us know.

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